A simpler way to manage test cycles and test executions within our test management and QA tools.




SmartPlanner is your Test Plan Management Tool that offers you the ability to filter down on projects and components within Enterprise Tester and plan your test cycles and create test executions at the click of a button. Saving you time and to provide you a visual overview of your overall test plan. SmartPlanner is your next generation Test Plan Management tool that is continually being developed to meet your needs.

Other benefits include seeing all the information of your test cases in one single pane, assigning a batch of test executions to testers, see the status of each test execution from the overview and access your test execution directly from the view.



  • Plan out your test cycles and executions from a single window
  • Quickly assign test cases to test cycles and create executions
  • Bulk assign test executions to users
  • See all information related to your test cases from a single grid
  • See test cycle and test execution statuses all in one place
  • Jump straight to your test execution and either work on it or see information related to it from SmartPlanner


SmartPlanner dashboard showing tables that contain test cases

Test Planning and Test Management

A single screen to manage your test cases, create executions and assign to users.


Simplified Test Execution Status

A simple view to quickly understand how your test cycles are progressing and understand the status of individual test executions.

SmartPlanner offers a traffic light scheme to notify you if your test execution is: not started, in progress, passed, failed, blocked or undetermined.


Jump Straight to your Execution

As a test lead you can jump straight to the test execution from the planner, or if you are a small team, you can plan and initiate test executions from the same place.


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Current Version and Release Notes

Latest Release: SmartPlanner v2.0
Released: 15th November 2019