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Partnership Focus:

Microsoft Azure, Catch Cloud & MBIE

Catch understands that managing infrastructure takes time, costs money and can come with its own complications. This is why Catch offers its Azure Cloud Hosting for your tool-chain. It takes the pressure off you to increase velocity, remove barriers and decrease cost.

Hosted Azure Single Cloud Offering

Catch’s Single Cloud offering is our proprietary private value-based hosted cloud to support the Atlassian tool-set.

As Catch is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner and an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we are specialists at hosting Atlassian tools and Atlassian Cloud Products in Azure in order to achieve maximum value from the tool-chain.

With specific SLAs on application platform availability, automated monitoring, and RTOs / RPOs that meet modern enterprise needs, Catch’s Single Cloud is the value-oriented offering provided by Catch to meet the needs of customers who want entry into Enterprise level cloud hosting but are not ready to take the step up to full enterprise grade features.

Catch’s Single Cloud offering gives Enterprises the ability to scale their use of the tool-set, with user increase being easy, greater availability to plugins and integration into common Enterprise IAM Systems, as well as easy migration of data, instances or the provision of more tools.

Hosted Azure Dual Cloud Offering

Catch’s Dual Cloud offering is our Enterprise level Azure cloud hosting solution for Atlassian Applications, suitable for the organization that sees its Atlassian tool-set as mission critical.

For organizations that want to consume tools without the hassle of hosting and maintaining them, yet want to ensure that their data is secure and retrievable, and downtime is minimized. With Catch’s Dual Cloud, we have developed a proprietary hosting solution that fully supports the capabilities of the Atlassian tool-set and can scale with your organization’s growth.

Having both Development and Production environments, you can start testing potential solutions to business problems without impacting your Production processes. This allows for rapid iteration and development of business automation, and business management, supporting people to undertake more high-value work.

Your tools are kept up to date, and available, for your organization to use, whenever the need be. Using Atlassian Data Center, your tools can be available in a globally distributed solution, providing scale to support your organization.

Government, Health and Finance Secure Cloud

Catch has partnered with the New Zealand Government to develop a secure Azure cloud hosting platform that provides the Government with the ability to host Restricted data and above in the cloud.

In 2018, Catch received certification from the New Zealand Government entitling the Catch Government Cloud as having met the official requirements to be the first Cloud solution in New Zealand for restricted data.

Catch’s secure cloud uses our advanced Azure infrastructure and has several features that enhance its security capabilities to enable highly sensitive data to be stored.

The secure cloud can exceed NZ Government’s requirements, with even more security features available to support data of high classifications such as Top Secret.

This cloud offering is designed for the enterprise organization that seeks a high-quality hosting solution, yet through either its industry or legal requirements needs its data protection to be of an extremely high level as well.

Catch has undergone many security assessments to ensure its capability and security management is of the highest caliber and is available in a range of tiers to support missions criticality. Where security features are required, our architectural design provides for multiple redundancies and environments to ensure risk is controlled.

A range of security features are available to meet a customer’s needs, customisable to the individual customer’s risk profile.

These enable specific security settings to be applied to meet various legislative requirements, and national security levels.

We have a range of appropriate content and documents to support the implementation of Catch Security Cloud in your Agency or Organization. Please get in contact us to find out more.

Cloud High Availability Package

Protecting your business information and knowledge base is a must in the modern age of working.

Information is power, without the information accessible and available can cause mass disruption to a companies’ productivity. Losing access to information can impact a company’s financials, decision making, customer experience, day to day survival and overall, a company’s competitive advantage.

Catch’s Cloud High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) package offers you the piece of mind you need to ensure your services are always readily available, when you need them.

The HA and DR package provides you with that next level operational support to protect you against

  • Application failure
  • Data corruption
  • Network outages
  • Dependent and geographical service failure

HA also provides the ability for Catch to upgrade and conduct maintenance on your platforms without requiring outages or impacting your workforce. This ensures that we can have your products and platforms up to date for stability and to omit security vulnerabilities.

HA and DR, saves you from headaches, losing time, money and most importantly your information.