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Unlock Visual Testing with SmartMap

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Catch Software

Do more visually

Humans are visual beings and as the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Being deep into Quality we thought we’d combine the two to give you a way to visualize quality!

Being a super-fast micro services platform, in the first instance we’ve given you, our customers, one of the highly requested items: Mind Maps!

Out of the box we’ve given you some base “Blueprints” that allow you to build Mind Maps showing Stories, Tests, Bugs and add Notes to your workspace.

Build your own Blueprints

For those of you that want to do more than just the basics… well you can.

We’ve included a Blueprint editor, so you can build custom Blueprints for you and your team to use.

Change node shapes, colours and font colours, add custom fields or link field information to visual displays so you and your team can at a glance see what’s going on.

So what are you waiting for?

Get hold of the Catch team to get early access to the Catch Next Generation Software from: